Nose gear doors

I used a jigsaw to cut out the hole in the lower fuselage where the nose landing gear doors will go.  An inset is molded into the fuselage in the right shape and location – care was take to leave an even flange around the opening. The NLG doors are supplied as one piece (to be separated later). These had to be sanded to fit the NLG opening with about 1/8″ clearance all around.  The jigsaw was used to cut out four NLG door hinges from a thick piece of fiberglass layup – slow, blade-dulling work.

Factory Head Start

Taking delivery of the kit!

IMG_3456On 2 May 2016 I showed up at the factory in Sebastian, FL to take delivery of my Velocity XL-RG5 and begin 2 weeks of working on the kit with a factory technician. I had the great pleasure of working with Chad, who has been building Velocity aircraft for over 25 years.  The factory staff worked 9 hour days Monday-Thursday and a half day on Friday.  During my stay, I worked extra hours after closing and on the weekends.  I learned a ton about fiberglass technique and made more progress on my kit than I had anticipated!