Main landing gear and doors

(Assist from Cindy – Thanks!)

Side window mating faces were ground, and side windows were glued in place. MLG legs were reinstalled and over center linkage was installed and gear pockets were adjusted so that legs were spaced evenly with centerline.  Cabo was filleted around gear sockets to adhere them to the gear pockets.  The door latching mechanisms were installed in both the pilot and copilot doors.

Piling stuff into the fuselage for shipment to Georgetown!


Doors and Windows

Built door latch bushings from parts.  Used hinge guide tool to register hinges in the right location on the doors.  Some grinding of door flat was necessary to fit hinges.  Drilled door, then drilled and tapped hinges, securing hinge to door.

Outer edge of windshield was ground down about 1/16″ in mating area to make its surface flush with outer fuselage skin.  Windshield mounted in upper fuselage and glued into place with alphapoxy and micro.  Clamped by inserting wooden wedges into foam.

Cutting windshield and window holes

Used jigsaw to cut windshield and window holes out of top fuselage.  Sanded edges straight, filed contours of corners.  Used router to remove inner skin and foam around window opening to make a flange for bonding the plexiglas.

Plexiglas windshield was trimmed to fit with bandsaw.  Iterative process due to compound curvature.