Solenoids and Battery Boxes

I fabricated some aluminum supports for holding the hydraulic pump solenoids and the front and aft battery boxes with their solenoids. I have had very good experience with the Concorde 35 series lead-acid batteries in the Viking, so I thought I would use them in the Velocity.

The plan is to have an aft main battery for starting and providing power to engine and other accessories, and a forward battery in the nose compartment for the avionics. A switchable crosstie will allow charging of the nose battery from the alternator through an isolation rectifier. Both battery boxes will have main fuses and current-sensing shunts installed, as well as two solenoids each (aft: master and starter; nose: avionics master and crosstie).

Aft Battery Tray

An aft battery tray was fabricated as a layup of 1x triax and 2x BID on divinylcell foam. The layup was done directly on a glass plate to get a smooth top finish. The tray and the legs were cut out with a jigsaw, and the legs were contoured until the tray sat level in the aft area between the whale tail and the MLG bulkhead. An aluminum battery bracket is being fabricated to retain the battery to the tray and to the MLG bulkhead.