Keel and center wing spar

Keel glued in place with structural epoxy + flox + cabo.  Riveted in place to clamp. Lower cowling removed from fuselage, cowl flange is now in place. With cowling removed, holes for MLG bushings can be drilled into firewall and gear bulkhead.  Multiple layups placed around forward area of keel, where it joins the canard bulkhead.

Lower fuselage was cut out for center spar just forward of firewall and from flange down to gear pocket.  Also MLG cutouts were made in the lower fuselage.  Center wing spar section sanded and wiped down with alcohol. Preliminary fitting, leveling, and shimming of center spar accomplished.

Ducting, bulkhead work, and controls

NACA oil scoop was reinforced with 2-ply BID top and bottom of scoop. Additional strengtheners glassed to area of gear bulkhead around the gear pulley openings.

Rudder cable see-saw installed on canard bulkhead, and battery shelf positioned and clecoed in place. NLG actuator bolted into place on fuselage centerline.

Heat duct (pre-fab part) sawed in half and internal flange fabricated by using waxed Al tape on one half and bonding 2-ply BID across seam.

Iteratively cut lower cowling along cut line aft of firewall, holding it in place with hot glue and wooden sticks.  Added a 2-ply BID layup to strengthen joint between firewall and fuselage in region of cowl flange.