Fuel Sump Tank Completion

The sump tank halves were bonded with Jeffco and cured.  The edge lip was sanded down and the entire tank was sanded and coated with 3 coats of epoxy.  Slight pressurization with nitrogen caused the back panel to bow out a little bit, but I did not detect any leaks.  The tank mounting ears were glassed onto the sides of the tank, and after curing, were trimmed. Finally, the fittings were screwed into the tank, and the tank was installed against the engine bulkhead below the main spar.


I made some hydraulic jack extenders from 4×4, 2×4 legs, and plywood gussets.  The jacks were Harbor Freight specials.  I also laid up some tapered foam parts that fit around the main spar of the aircraft.  A slot was cut in the top layers of glass, and the foam was hollowed out to accept the top of the jack.  This will keep the plane from sliding off the jacks if it gets pushed.