SCAT Hose Flanges

I refuse to buy a bunch of the expensive metal flanges for the attachment of SCAT/SCEET hose for heating and cooling.  So I bought one each of the two most probable sizes if hose I will be using, and used them as a template to make a mold so that I could replicate them in fiberglass.  Mold release wax was used liberally on the metal, and then a liberal layer of cabo on the surface (poor mans gel-coat) followed by 4x bid was laid up on the outside of the metal template to make the mold.  I added graphite to the epoxy to make the mold black.  After smoothing and filling and waxing, I could punch out replicas of the SCAT hose flanges.  I will use these on the various air boxes and ducts for the cabin heating and cooling system.

Header Tank Modifications

I think I have decided to use a Continental IO-550 engine.  The engine mount bolts for the TCM engines come through the firewall in the lower corners, and the standard header tank interferes with that location.  So I have to modify my beautiful header tank by cutting the corners off.

The cut line was marked, and the oscillating tool made short work of the cuts.  Two thick lay ups (8x bid) were used to make the new corner walls.  These were coated, sanded, and coated with EZ-poxy to form a fuel-tight inside wall, then were bonded to the header tank with a fillet of cabo and 2x bid around the perimeter. New mounting ears were also added.