Preparation for Viking Annual Inspection

Taking time away from the Velocity to work on the Viking, prepping for annual.  This year, the Vike gets new tires and tubes all around.  After the trip to Canada, there are several new cracks in the finish that have to be addressed.  Old paint and dope were peeled off from those areas.  As usual, it seems like the old original cotton tapes are in decay and this is precipitating the cracks at the longerons and ribs in the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, as well as along the length of the fuselage.

Discovered low compression on cylinder #2, with excessive leakage through the exhaust.  I borescoped the exhaust valve, which looked OK – no evident asymmetry of deposit, warping, or burning on valve or seat.  The cylinder head cover was then removed, and I took off the exhaust rocker and springs.  Discovered I could wiggle the exhaust valve stem about 0.003″ in its seat.  Bad news – worn guide.  Had to pull the jug and send for repair.  This is the second time for this cylinder.  What is going on???