Getting organized-wing racks

I built some racks in the storage shed for the wings, canard, doors, cowling, and the boxes of parts.  I have left a temperature and humidity data logger in the shed on top of the wings so I can track the high temperatures. The epoxy pails and jugs got moved to the office so they can be maintained at a reasonable temperature.  They make my office smell a bit like styrene, but it reminds me of my childhood downwind from Pasadena.


Velocity kit arrives in Georgetown

The truck from the factory arrived today with the fuselage, wings, canard, cowling, and many, many boxes of parts and materials!  With the center section wing spar attached, the fuselage is too wide for a standard trailer, so the trailer that was used to haul the airplane has a nifty hydraulic device that holds the fuselage at an angle, so that its not too wide, and not too tall.  To unload the fuselage, the hydraulic carriage tilts down, and the airplane rolls off the trailer on ramps.

It was very hot today, so we had to take several breaks while unloading everything.  We finally got it all unloaded from the truck, and carried it all into the garage.  Here, the airplane will live and be worked on until it is time to take it to the airport.  If I’m very diligent, maybe a couple of years, otherwise longer.  The hard part now is going to be organization. I need to find a place for all the parts, and clear out enough maneuvering space in the garage to allow efficient work.