Ducting, bulkhead work, and controls

NACA oil scoop was reinforced with 2-ply BID top and bottom of scoop. Additional strengtheners glassed to area of gear bulkhead around the gear pulley openings.

Rudder cable see-saw installed on canard bulkhead, and battery shelf positioned and clecoed in place. NLG actuator bolted into place on fuselage centerline.

Heat duct (pre-fab part) sawed in half and internal flange fabricated by using waxed Al tape on one half and bonding 2-ply BID across seam.

Iteratively cut lower cowling along cut line aft of firewall, holding it in place with hot glue and wooden sticks.  Added a 2-ply BID layup to strengthen joint between firewall and fuselage in region of cowl flange.


Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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