Nose Landing Gear Hydraulics

I have made the decision to mount the hydraulic pump in the rear of the aircraft, which means that hydraulic lines will need to go no farther forward than the nose landing gear retraction assembly.  This prevents any hydraulic lines from having to traverse the over-center mechanism and eliminates the tight mechanical fit at the canard bulkhead.  Hydraulic lines were made and attached to the nose gear actuator and the dump valve, and the dump valve was mounted to its recess plate.

The nose landing gear door retraction assembly was installed and adjusted for the desired landing gear limits.  I sure don’t like the way the rod ends attach to the door hinges – this is going to have to change.  I also converted to using all-thread for the pull struts instead of the solid standoffs in the kit.  I will trim the standoffs to the proper length when I am finally happy with the door closing adjustments.  I still need to make the nose gear fork guides.  I have noticed that it is easy for the gear to bind either on the doors or in the opening if it is not exactly straight.  Waiting on some 1/4″ divinycell to make the guides.


Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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