Nose Submerged Inlet Door

I have decided to depart from the plans regarding oil cooler location and cabin heat.  I plan to put the oil cooler in the rear of the aircraft, and use the nose NACA inlet for cabin fresh air only.  Details, calculations, and full plans to follow later. To control the amount of fresh air entering the aircraft, I am building an electrically actuated door that will fit flush in the NACA inlet when closed, sealing it completely against incoming air, and also retaining the fuselage contour. When open, outside air will be routed to cabin ducts for cooling in the hot Texas summer.  In the winter, and at altitude, the nose NACA duct will be closed, and hot air from exhaust muffs will be mixed with outside air and routed from the engine compartment into the same ventilation ducts.

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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