More Structural Fiberglass Work

The manual calls for beefing up the area where the landing gear bulkhead is connected to the main spar, which is also the area where the MLG leg sockets are. I had already put the foam and 2x bid on the trapezoidal connection between the landing gear bulkhead and the spar, but it needed a layer of glass underneath (tricky clamping) and another strengthening layer on top.

Thick 3x triax layups were placed in the area where the engine mount bolts will pass through the firewall – on both sides of the firewall.  I guess I have decided to use a TCM IO-550 engine. The upper triax straps will have to wait until the top is bonded on.  Its tedious, but good technique requires removing ~1/4″ of foam from sandwich panels, and then filling it with micro and sanding it smooth after it cures.  Some of these joints and tight areas have to be sanded by hand because there is not room for a sander…

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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