Typical BS

There are always things that slow you down, make you scratch your head, or make you shake your head in wonder.

As part of my kit, the factory included some parts that were not labeled, I could not find in the manual, and had no clue what they were.  I sent some pictures to Scott S. and he identified them as aileron bell cranks for the V-Twin….. It turns out the V-Twin and the newer XL-RG kits are not using the push-pull cables from the whale tail to the ailerons.  They are replaced with solid push rods and bell cranks, and these parts are part of that new system (completely undocumented). Scott quickly got the correct parts to me, as well as a new Atkinson-type aileron trim actuator/spring mechanism to replace the previous cheesy string-belt trim system. 

I ordered several 6 foot lengths of 5052-O aluminum tubing from Aircraft Spruce to use for brake lines.  The package got mistakenly routed to San Antonio instead of Austin, and it was a few days late arriving at the house.  From previous experience, I know that Aircraft Spruce is pretty good about shipping long lengths of tubing taped or affixed to a piece of wood to keep them straight.  Never mind that – when my package arrived, all of the tubing was folded in half and stuffed back into half the box, which was now only 3 feet long.  The wood stiffener was missing. I can only guess that somehow the box was too long for the guys in San Antonio, so they just shortened it….. I sent the great folks at Aircraft Spruce a photo and they happily sent me another order of tubing.

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Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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