Miscellaneous MLG Stuff

Taking care of some miscellaneous items associated with the main landing gear.  First things first, re-glue and clamp my favorite rocking chair using resorcinol-phenol glue – amazing stuff.  Ripple the hangar cat approves.  I plan to mount the MLG dump valve inside the keel, accessible by a fold-up door at the pilot’s right armrest, instead of in the inset cutout in the side of the keel.  So I made some sheet metal bracketry to attach the dump valve to the inside of the keel wall.  Also, the MLG retraction pulley mount was beefed up with a fillet of cabo+flox, followed by a layer of triax. I also ground off the shoulders of the MLG hydraulic cylinder mounting bracket because this was in the way of the hydraulic fittings.  Now the hydraulic lines can be installed fore/aft without making sharp bends inside the keel.

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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