Aileron Bell Crank Supports

The factory is replacing the push-pull cable aileron linkage with a new pushrod linkage. There are now bell cranks mounted on the landing gear bulkhead that connect directly to the control torque tube that passes through the keel tunnel.  These bell cranks transfer motion to two long pushrods that pass through the MLG bulkhead and the firewall, connecting directly to the aileron control surface torque tubes in the engine compartment at the trailing edge of the wings.

The mating surface on the MLG bulkhead had to be filled and leveled to make a good mounting surface for the bell crank mounting bracket.  Then holes were drilled through the bulkhead for the pushrods.  I now have to figure out some way to determine the position of the corresponding hole in the firewall bulkhead….

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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