Fill and Finish MLG Legs

The next step on the MLG legs is to fill the surface, smooth, and get a coat of primer onto the surface.  I have deviated from the plans and I am using steel-braid brake line and AN hydraulic fittings for the brakes instead of the Nylaflow tubing.  I added four studs to the lower surface of the gear leg to attach Adel clamps to hold the brake line in place.  The studs consist of a MS24694 #8 x 1/2″ screw that is placed through the center of a thin 1″ square wafer of phenolic (or fiberglass). The wafer and screw are adhered to the surface with a dollop of thick cabo, and the squeeze-out is used to make a smooth fillet around the wafer. This is then covered with 2x bid. When cured, the edges are sanded smooth.

The coarse weave of the carbon fiber and fiberglass socks on the gear legs were filled with Velocipoxy+micro, and contoured with a spatula.  After this cured, the legs were sanded smooth and excess micro was removed. Then, cabo was added to Velocipoxy until a syrupy consistency was obtained.  This mixture was spread on the surface of the sanded micro  with a squeegee to fill pinholes.

The pinhole fill layer was then sanded again to eliminate any ridges left by the squeegeeing.  After masking the booties and the upper portions of the gear leg (where they fit in the socket), two coats of UV Smooth Prime were brushed onto the gear legs. These coats were sanded smooth with 320 grit paper – this is easy since the UV Smooth Prime is so soft.

Once the UV Smooth Prime coats (which fill all remaining pinholes) are sanded baby-skin smooth, the gear legs were sprayed with 3 cross-coats of Stewart Systems Eko-Prime, which is a water-borne gray primer.  Eko-Prime is harder than the underlying UV Smooth Prime, and should be hard enough to fly with.

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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