Nose Landing Gear Door Modifications

A few modifications were made to the nose landing gear doors and their open/close linkage.

During landing gear extend/retract testing it was difficult to find a nose gear door adjustment that satisfactorily held the doors shut, but opened promptly enough to prevent the doors from rubbing the tire on extension. I decided to remove the raised foam area on the doors to help prevent interference with the nose tire. The foam was sculpted and formed with EZ-poxy with flow, and then covered with carbon fiber for extra strength.

The rod ends on the nose gear door closing linkage were replaced with more sturdy and larger -3 versions that will not pop apart. I used left-threaded rod ends on the doors, and tapped an aluminum rod to act as a pushrod whose length can be adjusted by twisting it like a turnbuckle.

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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