Miscellaneous fuselage work

Used structural adhesive + cabo + flox to glue in gear pockets and rear bulkhead.  Clecoed in place to clamp. NLG door hinge tabs cleaned up and drilled.  NACA oil cooler scoop (pre-made part) fitted to side of fuselage, with opening contoured and shaped with a lot of filing.  Foam removed from between fuselage skins to provide grip for epoxy.  All surfaces were sanded, and the scoop was bonded into place with cabo+flox.  Taped to hold scoop edges against fuselage. Multi-layer BID reinforcements placed over wooden hard points inside keel. Nose access panel hole cut out to leave a flange.  Pre-fabricate nose access panel door sanded to fit flush on flange.

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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