Saturday work

Wings were put back on wing fixtures for fitting of winglets.  Wing and winglet contours adjusted by sanding until the edges were within 1/8″along the join line. Foam was partially cut out of spar and both LE and TE blocks to accept the inner layups. BID layups placed on inner seam, and then dug-out foam was replaced with micro.  A block of foam was then glued in place with micro, and after cure, was contoured with knife and sanding to blend lower wing and outer winglet surfaces.

NACA oil cooler scoop was cleaned up, with excess cabo ground away and outside lip of scoop sanded flush with fuselage skin.

MLG cable pulley holes were cut in gear bulkhead. Strips of 2-ply BID layups were placed along gear bulkhead and canard bulkhead for strengthening.

Rudder pedal and toe brake assembly was built up from parts.


Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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