Keel penetrations

Landing light opening was cut out using jigsaw and sanded to contour with a flange that will later hold the landing light lens.  The landing light housing (pre-fab part) was cut to fit and sanded, and bonded into place with a mixture of structural epoxy, cabo, and flox.

The NLG access cover was sanded and duct tape was placed around the opening in the keel where the cover will go. The cover was then hot-glued into place, and layers of BID were applied to make a flange.  After curing, the flange was timed and edges sanded smooth.

The circular access hole for the NLG hydraulic cylinder was cut in the keel.  The center was displaced about 1.5″ forward and down from plans due to suggestion from Chad.  The keel outer skin was then cut back and additional 1/2″ with a rabbet router bit.  Foam was dug out in preparation for filling with micro and 2xBID around the edge of the hole.

Author: bzvelocity

Building a Velocity XLRG-5

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